You're in uncharted territory. You're the responsible one now. The people who raised you, or took care of you, the people you love are now in need of help with their space and their things. Maybe they've already died and you're facing needing to take care of their things.

It's difficult to walk that path alone.

You need backup.

You need to figure out things like what's there in the first place, what to keep and what to let go of. How to ship things to people that get them. You need to think clearly and keep moving when that's the absolute last thing you feel like.

You need to just get through this.

I can help.

Hi I’m Courtney, and I help people deal with their Stuff.

Both the tangible and the intangible Stuff.

With over ten years of helping people navigate every sort of major life transition, I have the ability to team up with you to help you determine your next best steps. Not steps you read somewhere that sound cool and don't work for you, but steps that are authentic to you, your circumstances, and your values.