End of life logistics

Facing a home or estate that needs to be closed down and cleared out is not an ideal time to face a logistics puzzle. I sit down with the person in charge of the home (possibly the executor), discuss their needs, and help them make a plan. Are they in need of particular items? Is there a list of people who receive different things? What are those things, and where are those people? Is there a deadline to get the home empty? Is there a need for a catalog of major items? Are things being relocated to storage? We work out the logistics of winding down a home.

Swedish death cleaning

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning is a book by Margareta Magnusson. Much like the book, I walk with the client through the process of downsizing and distributing their possessions before their death. They determine which items are kept and I help dispose of what isn’t getting passed on to someone. I can help catalog items to share with family or attorneys and can also help optimize the space for medical care to happen easily.

Death planning

Power of attorney, living will, advance directives, leaving a legacy, there’s a lot to deal with when it comes to the end of a life. Every bit of planning you do for yours lessens the headache for the loved ones you leave behind. Let’s look at your wants, your options, and your values and make a plan. The people in your life will thank you for it.