Want to learn about ways to manage overwhelm in your life? Dealing with natural or interpersonal disasters? Taking care of an aging parent? Maintaining focus in a world that’s moving faster and louder with each passing day? Talk to me! I’m happy to put together a class to meet your needs around these or other topics!

I’m experimenting with an instructional mailing list focused on disaster preparedness! Curious? Take a look here.



Overwork and overwhelm have become so common in our lives that it’s now background noise we slog through, and frankly, that’s not normal. Add to that the whirlwind that is civic engagement in light of current events, and you’re looking at a setup for exhaustion, fatigue, and burnout.

I’ve helped people individually work through issues of overwhelm and self neglect since 2009. I want to start making a bigger difference by working with a group cohort. We would meet both in person in the bay and in virtual sessions. We craft what the group is together to meet your needs, both as a group and as individuals.



I am available for individual organizing and/or coaching. Contact me for my pricing schedule.