Your Life Is Messed Up.

Your hair is too dry, too oily, too straight, not bouncy enough, too curly, not windblown, the wrong color, out of date. Your teeth aren’t white enough, let alone straight enough. Your breath stinks, and your skin is blotchy. You’re too big, too small, not […]

Resources: SCRAP

SCRAP is awesome, full stop. Unfortunately, that simple sentence doesn’t really convey what the deal is with SCRAP, so here’s a rundown of the why and how behind SCRAP’s awesomeness. SCRAP stands for Scrounger’s Center for Reusable Art Parts. It’s a 501(c)3 that was founded […]

More Transitions

I did say I’d do this, huh? Transitions. They trip you up, totally screw up your groove. Thing is, our lives are soaked with them. So what are they? If you’re really into this, I would suggest a visit to Terry Prince. She’s got this […]


When working with clients, it feels like we’re unearthing layers of their life history. Often, we’ll find things clustered around dates, like a sudden proliferation of newspapers, receipts, and mail from a particular year. Once we work through that layer, we may come across another […]

Weeping With Strangers

I don’t really talk much about what I do when out. My friends know, sure, but I don’t have a t-shirt that reads “Ask Me About Professional Organizing!” But I’ve noticed that if anybody gets wind of what I do, the questions come thick and […]

Still Bill

So I settled down and watched Still Bill on Netflix. Now I don’t cry easily, especially with movies, but i got a little weepy with this one. It’s a decent enough documentary about a musician (who’s put out more than a little bit of awesome […]

Starting Over

Getting organized is not unlike growing out hair, like bangs or a shaved head (i’ve done both, for the record). The most important ingredient is TIME. Time, that moves at its own pace and can drive a sane person stark raving mad. When getting organized, […]

Gift Guilt

Holidays are done, New Year’s has been put to bed, and the confetti has been swept away. Most off you are embracing a new set of resolutions, intentions, goals, or whatever people are calling them nowdays. I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here […]

The Power of Nice

The dust has settled, the episode of Hoarders aired. If you’re curious, you can check the episode out here, along with deleted scenes and pictures. General consensus from friends and random posters alike has been “Yep, they were mean.” Granted, what was seen was only […]

As Seen on TV

If you are reading this, it is because I’ve got the air date, and by extension, the go ahead to talk about what I did July 23rd – 25th. I had the pleasure of participating in a shoot for Hoarders on A&E. I’m not quite […]

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