AAAAAAAAHHH! I just imported all my old posts from Full Circle Organizing to here! For those of you just tuning in, welcome! This is still Courtney, I’m just in the midst of overhauling my business right now. It’s a little exhilarating, a little daunting, a […]

Stillness and Motion

This spring, we had the privilege of having a hummingbird nest in the front yard. It’s turned into an unexpected source of joy and relaxation. Yesterday, the fledglings left the nest. When the mother built her nest, the only reason I noticed it was because […]

Hello world!

Next step: new website! The new domain is rather spiffy, and editing is so much less of a pain with the updated software. I let the blog suffer, and never did update the rest of the site like I kept thinking I would. We’re all […]

Just Be.

Started journaling again, after years of having not. Lots of insights are popping back up as I’ve been doing it. Sitting on the couch this morning, I wrote “Quit trying to be perfect. Try being, and see where that leads you.” Whoa, half sleep brain. […]

Do the Opposite

Quite some time ago, I embarked on an adventure where I selected 30 items from my closet/drawers, and proceeded to wear nothing but those things for 30 days. This month found me going on a tear through my closet, and I’ve decided to do the […]


What does the word Resilience mean to you? re·sil·ience rəˈzilyəns noun noun: resilience; plural noun: resiliences the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity. “nylon is excellent in wearability and resilience” the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. “the […]

Keeping Tabs

In the midst of all this upheaval, I’m also trying to get back on the writing wagon. It’s both harder and easier than what’s in my head. This week, I’ve been laid low by a chest cold, but still want to stick with things, so […]

Hi Courtney!

You may have been wondering where I’ve been. You may have not. I’ve definitely been working, both in the generic sense, and in terms of myself. I’ve been taking classes, over a year now, learning how to be a coach. Heady stuff, especially when I […]


I’ve been called in to help organize people directly. I’ve also been called in by one person to help organize someone else. This is what I usually refer to as “a minefield.” Realizing you want to get a grip on your space can be a […]

Coach Approach

This fall, I took the introductory course in the Coach Approach for Organizers, by Denslow Brown. I met Denslow and Andrea, one of the trainers, at the ICD conference in Chicago in 2012. We had a great conversation about organizing, coaching, organizing and coaching, personal […]

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