Negative Self Talk

I’m wrapping up a class this week, a graduate book seminar focused on Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead. It has “Lead” in the title, and yes, there’s a lot in there about how to lead and manage and navigate business environments, but that’s only if 

The Scenic Route

I love trains. I started watching train videos during the pandemic to scratch my itch for travel, and discovered there’s an entire genre of video dedicated to cab view footage. It’s a great way to learn more about a place, and see scenery from unique 

Things to ask yourself, or an estate attorney, or yourself while in the presence of an estate attorney.

In light of conversations with friends around things to ask closing in on the end of life, as well as a particular conversation with a client, may I present to you a list that is pretty much a brain dump, but is a good starting 


Eight lifetimes ago, I used to model, both in person and in print. I would get made up, dressed up, and paraded out to sell clothes that everyday people would presumably buy to wear in real life. Maybe they’d wear them out to a club, 

Wonder Wardrobe and Project 333 One Year Later

Last January, I tried my hand at Project 333. This involves picking 33 items from your wardrobe and wearing just those items for 3 months. You also pack away the things you’re not wearing, so they’re not part of what you see when you look 


Back in December, I completed my death doula training. I learned about the process of dying, natural death care, the funeral industry, a truckload of info around advance planning, grieving, the current state of death care in our society, and a bunch of other details. 

Getting through.

Resiliency is something that’s been getting a lot of attention lately. (go figure.) Nations are interested in it to maintain perceived power through the pandemic. Companies are interested in it to have more productive employees. People are also digging into the concept looking for a 

Your most precious thing

My grandfather would tell stories of growing up in Ironton, LA in the early part of the last century. Papa spoke of the crypts, the above ground graves that are common down that way. Something I didn’t realize about how they worked, at least in 

Set Dressing

One of the services I offer is Death Cleaning. It takes different forms, depending on the situation. Someone has died, and their home needs to be cleared out? I help manage that. Things need to be shipped or otherwise distributed to next of kin or 


au·then·tic /ôˈTHen(t)ik/ adjective: authentic 1. of undisputed origin; genuine. I am asked, quite often, to “lay down the law” for people. They want someone to come in, evaluate their situation as lacking in some thing, or behavior, or process, create a process, or behavior, or