Coach Approach

This fall, I took the introductory course in the Coach Approach for Organizers, by Denslow Brown. I met Denslow and Andrea, one of the trainers, at the ICD conference in Chicago in 2012. We had a great conversation about organizing, coaching, organizing and coaching, personal 

As Seen on TV

If you are reading this, it is because I’ve got the air date, and by extension, the go ahead to talk about what I did July 23rd – 25th. I had the pleasure of participating in a shoot for Hoarders on A&E. I’m not quite 

I Went to Conference, and It Was Okay.

The first morning of conference, I wandered down to the restaurant for some pre-session breakfast. The hotel/resort is a time capsule from 1979, and wandering the (really honkin’ huge) grounds is not unlike stumbling through the set of Dallas. The restaurant is similarly old school, 

Going, Going…

Just checked in for my flight in the morning. Going to NAPO national, my first one. Eeep! Haven’t forgotten about you guys, I’ve just been basking in old clothes and fighting a mild panic. Traveling always winds me up like a toy car. Let me 


Read a post from Seth Godin, which proposes something drastic. Really drastic. His thought is that since starting to use the same machines for both work and play, it’s disturbingly easy to drift from “getting stuff done” mode to “playing for hours online” mode. His