Too much shit and not enough time

I was already working on this blog post, note by note, through the month. Then the protests started. I haven’t processed everything. (Can I?) Sleep is a lovely abstract concept, my digestive tract is a hot mess, and I was already hypervigilant, but that’s blown 


Time is a weird thing, especially lately. Most of us had been living by the clock and the calendar, our motions dictated by Chronos. Catch the 8.15 to make it in, meeting at 9.15, call at 11.30, appointment on the 12th, party on the 16th, 

Project 333 and Wonder Wardrobe

Bet you thought this post was going to be about the pandemic, huh? Nope. I’m talking about that everywhere else. Here, I want to get into fashion. At least for a minute. So. Back in the last part of 2019, I stumbled across Project 333 

You function like now.

The original intent was to talk about moving, but things change. That’s what I have to talk about, the fact that things change. They change when you plan ahead and when you don’t. The only constant is change, but so many folks spend so much 

In The Beginning…

There are some things you assume you need to do alone. And there are indeed situations where yes, it is much better to take them on alone. However, it’s not a given for every situation. Sometimes, you’re pushed to ask for help out of desperation. 

Office Hours

I like camping. If you know me, you eventually learn that. Often on camping trips with friends, the topic of work comes up, and I wind up having an impromptu session answering questions. I’m attempting to recreate the experience this September. Click here to get 

Things Change

No, really. Objects are not static things, they change. Time, use, attachment, wear, all kinds of things can change what an object is and it’s role in your life. But being aware of what a particular object is in your life can help your things 

Book Plug – Tips For Helping Your Aging Parents (Without Losing Your Mind)

We’re rolling up on the holidays, that traditional time of year when people return to the land of their birth to help the elders in their lives with technology. I kid, I kid. But visiting parents (or other beloved elders) when you don’t see them 

Resiliency is a learned skill!

And I’m back! I’ve mentioned this in several other places before, but yes. It’s been quiet here on the blog because I’ve been creating content over on Patreon! I am now at the point in my schedule where things start becoming available to the general 

Things Fall Apart – A Disaster Prep Mailing List

Things Fall Apart – A Disaster Prep Mailing List

This fall has been one disaster after another. Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, people have been reeling from all kinds of upheaval in their lives. More than a few folks have said they don’t have a disaster kit. When I ask what gets in the way of