Read a post from Seth Godin, which proposes something drastic. Really drastic. His thought is that since starting to use the same machines for both work and play, it’s disturbingly easy to drift from “getting stuff done” mode to “playing for hours online” mode. His 

Soggy Notes

Lots of behind the scenes work of the non-glamorous kind, with no end of calls. I’m both enjoying the rain and wondering when it will end. We definitely need the water, and come August and September, I’ll look back on these days with longing. No 

Room to Shrink

If you find yourself looking around at your current place and saying it’s too small, examine the amount of storage you have dedicated to items you haven’t touched in a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year. Do you have anything stored that hasn’t been 

The Little Things

Today was correspondence day. Lots of emails and catching up with people I’ve been putting off getting in touch with. Still haven’t gotten through to everybody, but progress was made. More appointments made, more calendar spaces filled in. Been reading friends’ postings from SXSW and 

Grits for Lunch

Catching up with the never ending to-do list, and lunch with a friend today. More jeans, more t-shirt, today with my trusty Chico’s scarf (i love that scarf, and don’t understand all the shade people throw chico’s).  Silver pendant is from a trip to Burning