Keeping Tabs

In the midst of all this upheaval, I’m also trying to get back on the writing wagon. It’s both harder and easier than what’s in my head. This week, I’ve been laid low by a chest cold, but still want to stick with things, so 

Hi Courtney!

You may have been wondering where I’ve been. You may have not. I’ve definitely been working, both in the generic sense, and in terms of myself. I’ve been taking classes, over a year now, learning how to be a coach. Heady stuff, especially when I 

Your Life Is Messed Up.

Your hair is too dry, too oily, too straight, not bouncy enough, too curly, not windblown, the wrong color, out of date. Your teeth aren’t white enough, let alone straight enough. Your breath stinks, and your skin is blotchy. You’re too big, too small, not 

Starting Over

Getting organized is not unlike growing out hair, like bangs or a shaved head (i’ve done both, for the record). The most important ingredient is TIME. Time, that moves at its own pace and can drive a sane person stark raving mad. When getting organized, 

Gift Guilt

Holidays are done, New Year’s has been put to bed, and the confetti has been swept away. Most off you are embracing a new set of resolutions, intentions, goals, or whatever people are calling them nowdays. I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here 

Check In

So we’re hip-deep in holidays now, how are you doing? This here is a reminder to take a minute to check in with yourself and your surroundings. Are you feeling driven by obligation? Overwhelmed with looming lists? Stop, even if it’s just for five minutes. 

Buy Nothing Day

You’ve heard the commercials, you’ve seen the ads. Even if you’re steadfastly resisting, ignoring, attempting to tune out the din, the buzz creeps in. Black Friday is on its way. There is an antidote. There is a lovely little homegrown holiday that has quietly been 

I Went to Conference, and It Was Okay.

The first morning of conference, I wandered down to the restaurant for some pre-session breakfast. The hotel/resort is a time capsule from 1979, and wandering the (really honkin’ huge) grounds is not unlike stumbling through the set of Dallas. The restaurant is similarly old school, 

Day 30

You hear “30 items” and think of this huge amount of clothing, when it’s really only a fraction of what’s in your closet. I enjoyed wearing the things chosen, but became aware of the things I missed as well as aware of the things that 


I have been waging battle with procrastination, and today it has kicked my butt. I didn’t get to do any of the things on my list at all. Not because of circumstances, just because I couldn’t muster the momentum to do it. So what happened?