There and Back Again

The bulk of today was spent walking across the city. Jeans (of course), t-shirt (of course), gym shoes, and my favorite jacket. It’s a WWII British Naval Officer’s jacket, and it started falling apart. I wound up taking it to Swankety Swank, a local boutique 


Rainy Sunday, slightly chilly. Worked with the fine gentlemen of Omega Recoil this afternoon. Straight leg Eddie Bauer jeans, thermal shirt, and gym shoes. They’re my old running shoes, and are also good for being on my feet all day in places where I don’t 

Lazy Saturday

Saturday was taken up with errands, laundry, and a massive sinus headache, followed by thai food, coconut cupcakes and TV with friends (thanks, guys!). All the rain has set something to blooming, and my head is telling me in no uncertain terms it is quite 

Candy Stripe

Professional Women’s Network meeting today, followed by impromptu date. Whoo! Part of wearing fewer clothes in higher rotation means you wind up doing laundry more frequently. This is not a bad thing…unless…your laundry room winds up closed until further notice due to ceiling moisture (rot). 


Day three, I haven’t broken out in hives yet. More work, same client. Same basic uniform, different colors. Flax linen shirt, this time with long sleeves and a peplum waist (that’s where the waist part flares out a bit), and plain black (grey, really) Eddie 

Day Two: Work

So. Second day in, and I have to go to work: My favorite work pants with pockets upon pockets with an extra side of pockets for keys, knives, phone, wallet, hard candies, and to stash tape balls. The button down collared shirt helps people realize 

Thirty Day Challenge

Let’s get one thing out in the open right now. I am a clotheshorse. A huge clotheshorse. I love fashion; reading about it, window shopping, online shopping, shopping shopping. I get the thrill of the hunt, and love walking away with a trophy I can