“May you live in interesting times”

Times sure do seem to be getting more interesting, don’t they? A while ago, I started a disaster email list. The goal was to keep it separate from what all I do on the regular, but sometimes, juggling is not my strong suit. The list 

Self Care

When the tsunami happened in 2004, I reached a point where all news grayed over and became noise. Informational fatigue, I called it then. There is keeping abreast of current events, then there is mainlining news like the latest drug. I’m guilty of it now. 


Read more coverage from Japan. Noticed a story about a man rescued at sea from the roof of his house that makes me immensely sad. “Mr Shinkawa told his rescuers that the tsunami had hit as he and his wife returned home to gather some 

Stuff and Things

Welcome to those of you just tuning in. Yesterday’s post touched on the topic of a Bug Out Bag without going into too much detail about what should be in one’s bag. When an emergency and/or disaster happens, you wind up doing one of two