Weeping With Strangers

I don’t really talk much about what I do when out. My friends know, sure, but I don’t have a t-shirt that reads “Ask Me About Professional Organizing!” But I’ve noticed that if anybody gets wind of what I do, the questions come thick and 

Time Management Part the First

Back at it after a pretty long stretch of back-to-back work. Now I’m back in the midst of stretching, resting, and catching up with things I decreed “Okay To Let Slide This Time.” Alas, writing was one of those things. While at conference, I attended 

Organizing the Creative Mind

While down at conference, I was absolutely stunned by the sheer number and variety of all the organizers. There are as many different kinds of us as there are stars in the sky. We all have our own personal style, and our own individual quirks, 

I Went to Conference, and It Was Okay.

The first morning of conference, I wandered down to the restaurant for some pre-session breakfast. The hotel/resort is a time capsule from 1979, and wandering the (really honkin’ huge) grounds is not unlike stumbling through the set of Dallas. The restaurant is similarly old school,