Your Life Is Messed Up.

Your hair is too dry, too oily, too straight, not bouncy enough, too curly, not windblown, the wrong color, out of date. Your teeth aren’t white enough, let alone straight enough. Your breath stinks, and your skin is blotchy. You’re too big, too small, not 

Indie Mart

No, not like the Indie Mart, but kinda related. Faked you out, didn’t I? Thought I was going to be all like “Don’t shop at all!” Okay, it’s tempting to say that and be done with it out of sheer laziness, but really, it’s way 

Bright! Shiny! New! Technology!

Today, I talk about tech. Have you noticed that a not-so-small portion of the hype surrounding Black Friday is focused on Bright! Shiny! New! Technology! that you must have immediately right now this very minute or you are a loser and a luddite to boot? 

Buy Nothing Day

You’ve heard the commercials, you’ve seen the ads. Even if you’re steadfastly resisting, ignoring, attempting to tune out the din, the buzz creeps in. Black Friday is on its way. There is an antidote. There is a lovely little homegrown holiday that has quietly been