Jeans, orange thermal, and tank top. Hiding from the rain. Played with the tripod and projector all through the storm. Happy Saturday!

I Wanna Be a Cowgirl

March is National Craft Month. There are plenty of times where I come across the remnants of a client’s craft project, started in a burst of enthusiasm only to be stuffed in a box or some random corner once the new project smell has worn 

Missing Out

When I was little, I wanted to be a long haul truck driver. My parents said absolutely not. A few years later, I wanted to be a cab driver. My parents said not on your life. Well, the plan tonight is to watch Big Rig 

The Little Things

Today was correspondence day. Lots of emails and catching up with people I’ve been putting off getting in touch with. Still haven’t gotten through to everybody, but progress was made. More appointments made, more calendar spaces filled in. Been reading friends’ postings from SXSW and 

Today Was a Good Day

Today was taken up by traipsing about Union Square in the rain to visit the oral surgeon. I get to put screws in my head, doesn’t that sound like fun? All I can think of is James Bond villains. Today was also taken up by 

Self Care

When the tsunami happened in 2004, I reached a point where all news grayed over and became noise. Informational fatigue, I called it then. There is keeping abreast of current events, then there is mainlining news like the latest drug. I’m guilty of it now. 


Read more coverage from Japan. Noticed a story about a man rescued at sea from the roof of his house that makes me immensely sad. “Mr Shinkawa told his rescuers that the tsunami had hit as he and his wife returned home to gather some 

Stuff and Things

Welcome to those of you just tuning in. Yesterday’s post touched on the topic of a Bug Out Bag without going into too much detail about what should be in one’s bag. When an emergency and/or disaster happens, you wind up doing one of two 

Higher Ground

Today has been dominated by news of the earthquake and resultant tsunami. Here in San Francisco, the Great Highway and all beaches were closed, and police are telling gawkers to stay away. I watched a video this morning of footage someone took during the quake 

I Love My Hair

Today, I experimented. I make all sorts of concoctions for bathing: salts, bubble bath, scrubs, soaks. The coffee scrub makes my skin feel wonderful, and I decided to try it on my scalp to see what happened. Well, my scalp feels wonderful. But I was