Getting through.

Resiliency is something that’s been getting a lot of attention lately. (go figure.)

Nations are interested in it to maintain perceived power through the pandemic. Companies are interested in it to have more productive employees. People are also digging into the concept looking for a way to make it through.

Resiliency itself is made up of so many small things that add up to strength. (Read an article that referred to it as “mundane alchemy” and I’m taking that notion and running with it.) Small things like sleep, what you put in your body (and brain), how you talk to yourself (and about yourself), what your routines are, who and what you surround yourself with, they’re all connected with your ability to weather a storm, and a benefit to your overall long term well being. That’s not an exhaustive list, and it’s not gospel for the population at large, it’s personal, and varies wildly from person to person.

The balance between all the factors that make up your version of resilience is a tricky thing, also not set in stone, also not by any means uniform across folks. I’ll repeat again in this post that life is not a static state, but means that balance you’ve got going to face strife is also not static. For example, pushing through a crappy situation would be easier if you were getting your ideal amount of sleep, but having a friend you can vent to also helps. (say it with me, RELATIONSHIPS ARE A TECHNOLOGY) Because you have a variety of things that help you deal when your world goes sideways, if one of those things isn’t working, another one can fill in.

So resiliency is a cocktail of who knows what, that you come up with, that helps you roll with things as they change and/or go all pear shaped around you. It is a useful thing for you as an individual for making it through some pretty adverse situations. *insert thousand yard stare out the window here*

It is not necessarily a formula. Figuring out your own version takes trial and error. A lot of it. And then it takes being tested, which means facing down some misery and seeing how you do. Coming through unscathed is pretty rare. And then there’s the tweaking. (I’ve had to learn the hard way that coffee is a wonder tool with a very strict application window and varying from it lands me in palpitation town) What worked before may not work in all situations. There’s going to be a whole lot of experimenting going on to land on what’s right for you at any given moment.

But what it comes down to is being okay with not knowing, being open to playing around with ideas, and being cool with varying outcomes. It is hard to hold fear and curiosity at the same time. Get curious about the things that give you strength, all of the things that give you strength.

You might find a new way to get through.