1. 1.
    of undisputed origin; genuine.

I am asked, quite often, to “lay down the law” for people. They want someone to come in, evaluate their situation as lacking in some thing, or behavior, or process, create a process, or behavior, or thing, bestow it upon them, and declare “do this, and your situation will be solved!”

That’s not really how I work.

One of the first things I will tell someone making an inquiry is “this is your life, these are your things, and I’m not an expert on them, but whatever happens, you are the one that needs to be satisfied with this once I’m gone.” In other words, don’t look to me to say this is the thing that works, that sense of working, of flow comes from you.

I’m not prescriptive. The point isn’t to have someone hand down information from on high, dictating your actions. It’s for you to sit with yourself, get curious about your behaviors, your motivations, and use that to come up with actions to try. In order for an action or a behavior to truly take root in your life and be effective, it has to be authentic to you. I can’t tell you what that is. I can guide you on a trip through all kinds of possibilities, but you’re the one who knows when we’ve found it.

So how honest are you willing to get with yourself? With me? How willing are you to say “I’m not feeling this” if you’re genuinely not feeling something. Are you open to refusing actions that are productivity theater in favor of finding what clicks for you? (just made productivity theater up but it hits on that appearance of DOING THE THINGS that’s supposed to lead to profit, shiny hair, restful sleep, and accomplishment in the eyes of the world, and i’m sticking with it.)

The thing that works for you, whatever that is, will be what is authentic to you. But we have to get curious and explore to find out what that is.

Let’s get curious together.