The landfill

Someone has basket after basket of half used makeup. It can’t be donated because hygiene restrictions. The containers can’t be recycled, but the person hangs on to the baskets of makeup they no longer use or value because they “don’t want it to end up in the landfill!”

I mentioned this last month, “I don’t want this to end up in the landfill!”

A noble idea on the surface, but attaches morality to behavior regarding objects (vs behavior regarding people, and yes, that is definitely a different post).

But I’d like to shine some light on an unspoken point about that stance which ever so subtly impacts you, the way you think about yourself, and the way you think about your life. If you are holding on to an object simply to keep it from going into a landfill, then you are turning your home into a stand in for the landfill.

It sends a small message, imperceptible if you’re not tuned to notice it. It says “My home is an acceptable landfill.”

It sacrifices your space, your ability to function, and your peace of mind in the hopes of making the “right” decision.

It’s more concerned with optics than in-front-of-you reality.

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by things? Try asking why they’re there, it could be for any number of reasons. But. BUT! Pay attention to the drive to hold on to things to keep them out of the landfill. Be mindful of the impact that decision has on your quality of life. You deserve better than to have a landfill build up around you.

The things in your life have a job, a role. And it is okay to let those things go when their job is done. When their role is fulfilled.

Again, if there is a point in time to make a “right” decision about something going to waste, it’s the point at which you acquire it.

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