“May you live in interesting times”

Times sure do seem to be getting more interesting, don’t they?

A while ago, I started a disaster email list. The goal was to keep it separate from what all I do on the regular, but sometimes, juggling is not my strong suit. The list went dormant. I’ve been fielding an increasing number of calls and emails about preparing for disaster, and decided I’m going to dump the master list here. There’s nuance to some of these items, and discussions around the “why” of some of them, that’s not here.

I also have a regular old mailing list that goes out generally on Mondays. Starting next Monday, I’m inserting the original breakdown of the weekly disaster prep in each newsletter. Since my regular newsletter is already going out on a regular schedule, might as well run with that. If you want this list broken down into manageable chunks, along with the aforementioned discussion around nuance and “why” behind some items (hurricane gear is a little different than earthquake gear for example), this is what you want to sign up for. (click that nifty link to join.)

So, here’s the master list (my personal one varies, and i talk about that in the mailing list):

6 gallons of water per person
2 large containers of juice per person
4 cans of meat (or other protein) per person
4 cans of fruit per person
4 cans of vegetables per person
2 cans ready to eat soup (not concentrate) per person
1 jar of pb
1 box graham crackers
1 box dry cereal
1 container instant drink packets of your choice
3 boxes quick energy snacks (granola bars/clif bars/trail mix)
any special food for special diets

Crescent wrench
heavy rope
duct tape
3 flashlights (with batteries and/or charging cables)
container bungee cords (assorted sizes)
waterproof matches
plumbers’ tape
fire extinguisher (ABC)
vise grip
screwdriver (phillips and flathead)
3 packages batteries (assorted sizes)
masking tape
“L” brackets
childproof latches
smoke detector
double sided tape
Velcro strips
utility knife
work gloves (for each person)
1 package disposable dust masks (N95)
plastic safety goggles
camping lantern (with batteries and/or charging cables)
large ground screw with eyebolt for pet tie down

2 hand can openers
permanent markers
dish soap
small container bleach (and small eyedropper)
3 boxes heavy duty garbage bags
waterproof container for paperwork
3 packages 3 count paper towels
hand warmers
paper cups
eating utensils
paper plates
large food storage bags
plastic wrap
heavy aluminum foil
safety pins
assorted plastic bins with lids
pens, pencils, and paper
portable am/fm radio with batteries (or charging cable)

anti diahrea medicine
ipecac syrup
activated charcoal
1 bottle saline
rolls of gauze
1st aid tape
adhesive bandages (have some cute ones on hand to calm children)
cold packs
disposable hand wipes
sewing kit
rubbing alcohol
1 box nitrile gloves
sanitary napkins
2 large packages toilet paper

personal hygiene items (deodorant/soap/washcloth/towel)
condoms/lube/gloves/birth control/plan b pills
games/cards/dice/coloring books/pencils/markers/books
paper map of your area
1 space blanket per person and pet
spare set of clothing per person

extra hearing aid batteries
prescriptions (and list of medications)
spare glasses
spare contact lenses
denture care

extra plastic baby bottles
diapers/changing kit

1 gallon of water per pet
extra pet food
pet medicines
extra leash