Things Fall Apart – A Disaster Prep Mailing List

Things Fall Apart – A Disaster Prep Mailing List

This fall has been one disaster after another. Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, people have been reeling from all kinds of upheaval in their lives. More than a few folks have said they don’t have a disaster kit. When I ask what gets in the way of having one, the biggest answer I hear is “the whole process is too overwhelming.” They’re right. The whole process of putting together supplies to face a worst case scenario is super overwhelming. But I want to help more people be ready to deal with emergencies, because if this fall is any indication, the weather and the world are going to keep bringing it.

I’ve started putting together a mailing list specifically to guide people through the process of assembling a 3 to 7 day disaster kit for their household. Emails would go out weekly with instructions, you follow them, and over the course of several months, you will have a robust kit with food, water, and other supplies you may to make it through and recover from an emergency. That’s it. Nothing extra, just a way to break this down into doable steps, because not only is it doable, it’s becoming obvious you don’t want to avoid doing this much longer.

Interested? You can sign up here.


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6 thoughts on “Things Fall Apart – A Disaster Prep Mailing List”

    • Hi Georgia! The link to sign up is the sentence “you can sign up here” Click on that, and it’ll take you to the sign up sheet.

  • Any chance I could get the whole list, just so I can get an idea of what the whole kit consists of? Thank you for doing this project!

    • Hi Holly, thanks!
      I’m compiling the list from multiple sources, and frankly, am running a month ahead of the mailer, so no, I don’t have a complete list to pull (yet), sorry! If you’re curious, the (really) general categories are food, water, first aid, clothing, and meds, but even that doesn’t cover the scope of all of it. A super basic list is at but that’s bare bones for 72 hours. You can sign up, or check back in a couple of months after I’ve done more writing. If you’re looking for something in hand *right now* I’d suggest checking with your local fire department, they usually have a robust list to share with the public, and I’m using OFD’s list as a jumping off point.

        • Hm. If you signed up at the link in the post, it should have started you at week one, no matter where we are in the cycle. I can check for you. (don’t post your email here, though) Send me a message.

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