The only constant is change

The only constant is change

It helps to remember that.

I’ve been hammering away on several different fronts lately. Developing multiple classes, recording videos, overhauling my identity, y’know, little things. One of the other things I’ve been getting in gear is a new Patreon! What does that mean, you ask? I’m still going to be writing, but it’s going to be much more interactive. The volume of writing I’ve been doing in the background has seriously increased. Workshopping it on Patreon will let me develop with feedback from people that are interested in what I have to say, which means it’s going to help hone the relevance of a lot of what I’ve been working on.

Wait, hold up, what?

I’ll still be posting on this here blog on the regular (every other week is what I’ve got in my current production schedule…yes, this is forcing me into a production schedule, woo!), but the drafts will be living things on Patreon. I’m still doing video as well, that’s not going anywhere. Neither are the classes. If you want to stay on top of what all I’m putting out, though, then the Patreon is your best bet. You can see it here! So yes, changes are afoot, but they’re good ones.

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