Do the Opposite

Quite some time ago, I embarked on an adventure where I selected 30 items from my closet/drawers, and proceeded to wear nothing but those things for 30 days. This month found me going on a tear through my closet, and I’ve decided to do the opposite. I’m deliberately wearing everything in my wardrobe, with the goal of figuring out if I really do love some items or if I’m psyching myself out of getting rid of them. So far, I’ve determined things I love, but it’s pretty interesting making myself put some things on. When I go “oh, alright!” before putting on a shirt, that’s a pretty good sign I won’t miss it.

when the old neighborhood was still industrial…

For all the talk and hype around doing the 30/30 challenge, and it was most certainly a challenge, I’m finding wearing everything a richer experience. If you’ve given thought to trying one of the variants of restricting what you wear and break out in hives at the thought, try flipping the concept on its head and wear everything you’ve got. See where that takes you.