Hi Courtney!

You may have been wondering where I’ve been. You may have not.

I’ve definitely been working, both in the generic sense, and in terms of myself. I’ve been taking classes, over a year now, learning how to be a coach. Heady stuff, especially when I read what I wrote about my first class as I start my last class.

ain't. never. lied.I’ve been wrestling with the notion of identity. As an organizer, things are pretty straightforward: “you have things and you want to move them out of your life.” “you have things, and you want to rearrange your space to accommodate them.” As an organizer, you have expertise, and you share it with clients. Stepping into the role of Coach, things start to change in and around you. Things are less defined as absolutes. Your advice starts to come with caveats like “…or not.” You start to ask things like “what do YOU think?” The notion of absolute authority becomes gauzy, and you start to give guidance as opposed to issuing directives. You start to fade as your clients start to shine.

That may start to sound melancholy, but it’s not. Not really. It leads to pretty awesome things like former clients calling out of the blue, gushing about the skills you taught them and how they still apply. Notice I didn’t say “system.” Systems come and go. The skill of guiding yourself after I’m no longer in the picture is a beautiful thing, and hearing that I’ve helped someone develop those skills (there’s more than one and you can mix and match, remember. no absolutes.) makes me beam in a way I didn’t know a job could make me.

What this is is a wake up call for me. I’m still an organizer, although I’m more of an organizer coach now. With the certification paperwork sitting on my desktop, and several deadlines looming, it’s going to be official with letters behind my name and what not (?!) before too terribly long. I’m feeling more grounded in my training, more surefooted with clients both old and new. But it’s time to tear this site down. I threw it up years ago as a placeholder and never really moved towards developing it. It’s as good a spot to write as any, but I need to make it reflect my current reality (and greatly expanded skill set!).

My name is Courtney. I am an organizer coach. How can I help you?