Your Life Is Messed Up.

Your hair is too dry, too oily, too straight, not bouncy enough, too curly, not windblown, the wrong color, out of date. Your teeth aren’t white enough, let alone straight enough. Your breath stinks, and your skin is blotchy. You’re too big, too small, not muscular enough, too thick, too bony, not quite right. You’re too tall, too short, don’t wear the right heel height, the right shoe, did you know that platforms are out this season, why are you still wearing Chuck Taylors? Your clothes are so last season, too formal, the wrong color, not ironic enough, too twee.

Your bathroom is dirty, your dishes don’t sparkle, your bedroom doesn’t look like the one you saw in that magazine, you know, the one that makes you feel two inches tall because everything that’s in it is staged and oh my god, who lives like that? Who does live like that? You know how you can live like that? Go get more stuff. Creating an experience is too hard, get the souvenir instead. Fill your life, your place, your identity with things. Get the thing that solves the hair problem, the teeth problem, the clothes problem, the you problem. Because you are not enough, you are never enough.

And all of that is a lie.

What happens when you strip the things away, strip the fear away, strip the expectations away? What happens when you tune out the chorus constantly shouting “MORE! NOW!”? What happens when you take a deep breath and face your self and your life as it exists right now on the inhale; right now on the exhale?