Starting Over

Getting organized is not unlike growing out hair, like bangs or a shaved head (i’ve done both, for the record). The most important ingredient is TIME. Time, that moves at its own pace and can drive a sane person stark raving mad. When getting organized, or learning a skill, or picking up a new hobby, it’s not one graceful entry into the world of whatever it is you choose to tackle. It takes time, and more importantly, it takes lots of starting and stopping. Most people tend to forget and/or gloss over what may be the most important part, starting. Starting over, to be exact.

There’s starting in the first place. We all have this one down. Most folks are good at rushing headlong into a project, full of joy and expectation, ready to conquer whatever the windmill du jour is. And most folks get knocked down, fall off the wagon, get disillusioned, fed up, discouraged, and otherwise waylaid along the way in one way or another. It happens. It will continue to happen, and you can’t really stop that part. People think they can, and then beat themselves up for not being able to. Quit that. The part that gets glossed over is the part where you get back up, dust yourself off, and go at it again.

So then there’s starting over. Starting over hurts. It’s kind of an implicit admission that you fell short of some ideal. It’s awkward. You feel like you’re retreading ground you already covered. The voice of doubt may speak a little louder or a little bolder in the back of your mind. Start over anyway. It doesn’t matter that your initial plans didn’t work. It doesn’t matter that things didn’t go smoothly. What you do does not matter anywhere near as much as how regularly you do it. This time, you’ll know a little better, you may try something a little different. You’ll know what you should absolutely avoid, and what really helped you along. You’ll have experience. You may or may not fall down again.

Get back up.