Bright! Shiny! New! Technology!

Today, I talk about tech.

Have you noticed that a not-so-small portion of the hype surrounding Black Friday is focused on Bright! Shiny! New! Technology! that you must have immediately right now this very minute or you are a loser and a luddite to boot?

Before bringing another wondrous technological item into your life, try using Buy Nothing Day to audit what you’ve got. Yes, including the cell phone graveyard in the bottom of that drawer/box/desk/corner of the office. How many gadgets do you have that are currently obsolete? Get them. No, really. Get them and their cords and batteries, too. (RECORD YOUR DATA OFF OF THEM, THEN DELETE IT ALL.) Put them in a bag or a box or whatever is big enough to hold them and small enough for you to carry them. Then, get them out of your home. Donate them at a drop off point for any number of causes: Domestic violence, soldiers, animals, or any other charity you can find that can use your no longer useful technology. If you’re feeling ambitious, this audit can include things like that old computer, or CRT television, the unloved video game system, or the dust coated stereo.

Take the day to think about what you have and don’t use, and why you don’t use it anymore. It may even cause you to rethink what you want. Take the day to get what you have and don’t use out into the world to share with other people that can use it, lightening your load, and lightening their lives.