Day 30

You hear “30 items” and think of this huge amount of clothing, when it’s really only a fraction of what’s in your closet. I enjoyed wearing the things chosen, but became aware of the things I missed as well as aware of the things that get ignored. Not sure what the next steps are from here. The “ignored” items are about to get a serious going over to see if I really do still need them. I spent some time whimpering about a few clothing items I “couldn’t” buy for the duration of the challenge, but you know what? I doubt tomorrow will find me out shopping. There are definitely some things wanted to fill in a few holes in my wardrobe, but I don’t feel the same itch as before. I want to see what all is in the closet, first. I’m probably going to hunt down a tailor to make the best of what’s already there before taking off on a spree.

If still in an office setting, I would have been way more fabulous, but part of the challenge was dressing for getting dirty some of the time, and pure comfort the rest. Since I don’t work in crowded settings or offices anymore, there’s a little less incentive to be about the glamor.  Reaching an understanding about that is also valuable, because it means not buying things that won’t get worn, but getting things that fit my life now. Not quite sure if I’d do it again, it may turn out to be worth trying again come September/October to see what a truly warm weather cycle would look like. If something like this has piqued your interest, I’d encourage you to go ahead and give it a shot, it’s definitely doable.

Converse, cuffed jeans, striped tank, wrap sweater, forktopus, glow of the sunset

I’m also pretty comfortable with posting now. Will it happen every day? Doubtful. Once a week? A bit more likely. There’s less pressure to post every day, but there are other topics that have come up that I haven’t gotten around to yet. Feel free to toss me any topics or questions you’d like to see tackled.

Today. Was. Gorgeous. Insanely, beautifully, staggeringly so. Spring has arrived. Took a long walk with a friend; sweated and talked up a storm.  Ate popsicles. Marveled at how little it takes to be blissful. If you take a closer look, you too would be amazed at how little it really takes to be blissful.