The Next Step

Cleaning, cooking, looking over my notes for Monday’s ICD class. It’s on Kaizen. As I’m moving along with my business, it feels like I’m moving along the strands of a web. Start with stuff, overwhelming amounts of stuff. Move along from there to, where? Time, not enough time to do things, like deal with stuff. Okay. That intersects with health. How much energy do you have to tackle various things in a day? This may circle back to food, which could be considered a subcategory of stuff, or a tangent off of health. Are you eating the right things that don’t disrupt your body? Is your fridge in need of a good cleaning and dumping? Following the health strand, you may land on rest. Is your bedroom a place conducive to peaceful rest and sleep? What all is in there and why? And is keeping it there worth the disruption and discomfort it means for your rest?

converse, jeans, henley, sweater

As you follow all the strands, looping back in some points, winding up on topics you never thought you’d touch, it’s very easy to see life as one big, tangled up mess. I’m curious about Kaizen because it seems to take a step back (or close in, as the case may be) and and tune out the big picture. It focuses on The Next Step. Yes, it all looks big and scary, but don’t pay any attention to that right now. Let’s focus on this little step, this little action right here. And once that’s done, let’s focus on the next one. No, not the big picture yet, just the here and now.

Jeans, blue henley, leather cons, wrap sweater, gratitude for the weekend.