Read a post from Seth Godin, which proposes something drastic. Really drastic. His thought is that since starting to use the same machines for both work and play, it’s disturbingly easy to drift from “getting stuff done” mode to “playing for hours online” mode. His solution? Have two machines: one big, beefy, main work machine, and one smaller machine for playing around. You train yourself to only work on one and only play on another, thereby making yourself aware of how much time you’re spending on work and play.

See? Told you. Drastic.

hot pink t, gray pullover, forktopus necklace, scarf, jeans, rubber boots, glasses (big study day)

Thing is, he’s got a point. It seems like a valid theory to test. So. First (1st!), I make it through the end of my 30 day challenge. Why? Because while I’m excited by the idea of jumping right into this, I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew. One project at a time…I wrap up this one, then move on to the shiny new one. Then, after (!!) I’m done, I think I’ll come up with some sort of plan and try out the two machine solution. (and talk through it here, I guess) Stay tuned.

Today’s items: hot pink t-shirt, gray pullover sweater, Forktopus necklace, jeans, and for what little time I spent in the streets today, the rubber cowgirl boots. I will be away from the world for the next few days, but will have a lappy with me. The goal is to post from the road, but I’ve already promised to not beat myself up if it doesn’t happen. I’ve planned, now let’s see if the plan works.