Sick day. More like last night was a sick night, and today was spent focusing on very small things, like my desk. My poor desk catches it coming and going. I am astonished at just how easily I can go from a catalog-shoot-perfect desktop to Defcon 1, and just how little time it takes to cover that distance. (My personal record is 4 hours)

I’ve said in the past to not view Organizers as these bulletproof critters that live serene lives in sterile surroundings. We’re human, which means we’re susceptible to all the same things that happen to our clients. Dishes pile up, deadlines can be missed, the bathroom can be a hazmat zone, the desk has eaten your car keys, and you’re down to the ugly underwear because laundry hasn’t been done in weeks. (ok. that’s not true this month. the whole “wearing 30 items” thing means i’m doing laundry waaay more than i like. but hey, clean undies!) But honestly, at one point or another, these things happen to everybody. All of us. Yes, even the ones you see that from all outside appearances look flawless.

The thing with Organizers, and I’m using the capital-O to differentiate us from day planning notebooks, is that we’re all mad scientists of one stripe or another. We have theories, practices, hypotheses, rituals, routines, and who knows what else up our sleeves that we mix and match with varying results every time we encounter a new client. (“Aha! The client responds well to time focus with a dash of mnemonics!”) We do this because despite the world falling apart around us, be it rarely or regularly, ours or others’, we genuinely like putting it back together, rarely the same way twice. Some of us may be a bit more mad while others tend more towards the scientist, but we’re all varying flavors of the same thing, and that same thing includes all of our flaws. We are not flawless, and that is exactly why we can help you.

clogs, jeans, t, necklace, flax sweater. Yeah, I wear my belt slung to the side.

Now on to the description of the outfit for day 23 (7 more days, and I can embrace the rest of my closet…and go shopping again). Flax sweater, black t-shirt, tiger eye necklace, Levis, and Danskos. I’m not going to know how to act once I’m allowed back at my closet. Also, I need to figure out a wardrobe for NAPO national in a couple of weeks. Eeep!