Soggy Notes

Lots of behind the scenes work of the non-glamorous kind, with no end of calls. I’m both enjoying the rain and wondering when it will end. We definitely need the water, and come August and September, I’ll look back on these days with longing. No tremendous insight or article today, my reading was analog today. (I’m amused by how many of these tricks I already use, not only with others, but with myself.) I will give a tip of the hat to Discardia, however. When you’re not shaking a fist at the rain, spring can be an excellent time to reevaluate the things about your life and in your life. No, not spring cleaning, although you can carry on with it if that’s what floats your boat. Think deeper.

boots, jeans, t, fuzzy sweater, trusty scarf (and cheerful umbrella!)

Today’s wear: cuffed jeans, boots, green t-shirt, fuzzy gray sweater, trusty scarf.