I Wanna Be a Cowgirl

March is National Craft Month. There are plenty of times where I come across the remnants of a client’s craft project, started in a burst of enthusiasm only to be stuffed in a box or some random corner once the new project smell has worn off. I’m an advocate for putting each project in it’s own box. That way, when you want to work, pull out the box. When you’re done, put everything back in the box and put the box away. That’s the theory. The reality is always stickier, isn’t it?

wrap sweater, jeans, trusty jacket, rubber cowgirl boots

The burst of enthusiasm is awesome. It’s a high. It’s like dating a new sweetie. It also can blind you to the realities of your calendar and your clock. (Also like dating a new sweetie…”Hi, I’d like to introduce you to my new lover, *Knitting.”) Sometimes, no matter how much you love working on your new craft, there isn’t any time to give it the attention it needs. Sometimes, you need to take a look at your time management. And sometimes, after the new project smell has worn off, and your craft project has been long abandoned and forgotten, it’s best to simply let it go. This is where places like SCRAP come in. Remember them? They take craft supplies and get them into the hands of those that want/need/can use them. Dust off those old projects and look at them with a fresh eye without guilt or dismay at not knowing what to do with them. Love them, or let them go.

mustard t-shirt, tiger eye necklace, and did i mention the boots?

Plotting longer term plans today.You’ll see. What I wore today: straight leg jeans, mustard t-shirt, wrap sweater from Flax, tiger eye necklace obtained from a roadside stand in the Navajo Nation, rubber cowgirl boots I got from the Danish Red Cross secondhand item tent while working at Smukfest in Denmark. (long story. you’ll hear it someday.) And the post title?  It comes from singing this in my head all day.

*I am lousy, awful, and atrocious at knitting. If anybody wants to tackle the task of helping me not botch casting on, I would be most grateful.