Missing Out

When I was little, I wanted to be a long haul truck driver. My parents said absolutely not. A few years later, I wanted to be a cab driver. My parents said not on your life. Well, the plan tonight is to watch Big Rig and see what I’m missing out on.

henley, sweater, cuffed jeans, boots, necklace. Don't I look like a truck driver to you?

What are the things you miss out on? Often, it seems like from the here and now looking forward, people want for things. “Oh, wouldn’t it be nice to get blank.” But looking back from here and now, people feel they miss out on experiences. “Man, I wish I did blank when I had the chance.” The glow and memory of the experience lasts much longer than the shine and sparkle of the thing. Are you holding back on diving into an experience? In lieu of holding out for a thing? Because of wrangling your things? The items you acquire throughout your life are tools, nothing more, nothing less. The things you do and experience, that’s what makes your life. Don’t miss out on your life because you’re preoccupied with your toolkit.

Today’s outfit: blue henley, gray sweater, straight leg jeans, boots, necklace.