Today Was a Good Day

Today was taken up by traipsing about Union Square in the rain to visit the oral surgeon. I get to put screws in my head, doesn’t that sound like fun? All I can think of is James Bond villains. Today was also taken up by very concrete actions to improve my immediate surroundings. Piles of paper were gone through, filed, or purged. More tax papers prepared. The heap of clothing collecting at the foot of the bed was dealt with. Songs were sung, there was dancing in the bathroom. Longer term plans were made. Calendars were updated. Puddles were stomped in. I made people laugh. Today was a good day.

jacket, scarf, t, jeans, cons, not enough tea

Purple floppy collared jacket, jeans, cons, long sleeved green t-shirt, and the beloved Chico’s scarf.

Yes, it’s scary out there, but you can’t let that get you down. Chin up, everybody…here’s some more cute to help fight the panic and news numbness.