Self Care

When the tsunami happened in 2004, I reached a point where all news grayed over and became noise. Informational fatigue, I called it then. There is keeping abreast of current events, then there is mainlining news like the latest drug. I’m guilty of it now. I realized it today, noticing the world becoming gray around the edges and my mood slipping down to the dark place. There were different, less healthy coping mechanisms in my life then, but now? Now, I counter them with cute. Yes, this has nothing to do with helping, or alleviating tragedy, but it does have to do with keeping tabs on how I feel, and taking the necessary steps to take care of myself. Once you are done with your offerings (of prayers, of donation, of meditation, of action), remember to pull back and recover yourself. Come back to your here and now.

Today was taken up by work with a client, and with a teleclasss. Much needed.

work jeans, leather converse, t-shirt, linen button down, dog outside the window

My attire: black work jeans, leather converse, teal t-shirt, Flax striped linen shirt, hematite and jade necklace picked up from a roadside stand in Arizona.