I Love My Hair

Today, I experimented. I make all sorts of concoctions for bathing: salts, bubble bath, scrubs, soaks. The coffee scrub makes my skin feel wonderful, and I decided to try it on my scalp to see what happened.

teal t, cuffed straight jeans, boots, bead on a chain, and mane

Well, my scalp feels wonderful. But I was shaking coffee out of my hair all morning. As my hair dried, it came out easier, but because of the bending at the waist and hair fluffing, I now have an ultra soft, coffee and cinnamon scented, and very fluffy afro. Now that the grounds are gone, and I’ve had a chance to walk around with my hair out all day, I think I like it this big. Usually, I have it tied back, or styled with a lower profile for fear of looking like a clown, but it’s nicer than I was willing to admit. Look for bigger hair from me in the future.

Today’s outfit: teal t-shirt, straight leg jeans cuffed halfway up my shins, boots, and a bead from Dream Muse on a pull chain. That’s one of Roy’s paintings in the background, along with a print of Laura Croft we scored when Eidos switched offices.

I’ve been posting for 10 days in a row, and I feel like a kid learning how to ride a bike without training wheels that looked back and realized there was nobody pushing me along. Yikes! It doesn’t quite feel like a habit yet, but I’m starting to not feel quite so intimidated by sitting down and posting something. Less of a big deal, and more like “oh, let me knock this out.” Progress!