There and Back Again

The bulk of today was spent walking across the city.

jeans, gym shoes, t-shirt, scarf, military jacket

Jeans (of course), t-shirt (of course), gym shoes, and my favorite jacket. It’s a WWII British Naval Officer’s jacket, and it started falling apart. I wound up taking it to Swankety Swank, a local boutique with work from lots of local sewing folk. They mended the damage with velvet and lace, and we agreed that as the jacket continued to fall apart, I’d bring it back to be rebuilt over time with more lace, velvet, and odd trim. It has pockets. Oh, does it have pockets. The interior breast pockets are my favorite because they handle wallet, phone, and bus pass so wonderfully. (pockets get it done.)

If this were being done during the summer, there would probably be more variety. I do wear skirts with wacky socks more often when it’s warmer out. But some interesting things are starting to happen with regard to my closet. One, I’m wishing I could wear certain things that didn’t make the cut for this challenge. This is probably a good sign, because they’re items I miss from normal rotation. Two, I’m starting to realize there are some staples I am, indeed, missing. Once the challenge is done, there will be some needs to be addressed.