Candy Stripe

Professional Women’s Network meeting today, followed by impromptu date. Whoo!

black A-line skirt, purple asymetrical collar jacket, both soft comfy jersey.

Part of wearing fewer clothes in higher rotation means you wind up doing laundry more frequently. This is not a bad thing…unless…your laundry room winds up closed until further notice due to ceiling moisture (rot). I still have clothes to wear, but I really wanted to wear a different top. Adapt and overcome. Jersey is good. It’s soft, washable, and drapes nice over body parts, which makes for a good profile.

Green tank top under the jacket, skirt hiked up to give me an empire waist, stripey tights, and my favorite boots.

Layered a tank, also jersey, beneath the jacket, and paired it with my 5 year old Fluevog boots (i love those things) and a pair of striped tights. You will also notice the same glass necklace made by Indu Krishnan from yesterday, and a trailer ring made by Kritsiana . The tights, necklace, and ring don’t count towards my item totals, but add some oomph to the outfit.

Still working on my elevator pitch. Ug. It’s harder than it seems for someone that suddenly develops a stutter when she’s put on the spot. It’s getting better, but it’s so hard to not freeze when stepping up to speak to the room. That’s one of the reasons I joined; to deal with my unease with crowds, public speaking, and strangers. So much better one on one, or one on two or three. Having to do the speaking thing regularly helps deaden the jitters. I’ve started incorporating a “tip of the day” into my speaking time, with practical advice, but delivered with humor. Getting them laughing makes me relax more. Babysteps, babysteps.

So tomorrow’s adventure will likely involve finding some form of laundromat. This should be interesting.