Day three, I haven’t broken out in hives yet.

Black jeans, purple linen peplum shirt.

More work, same client. Same basic uniform, different colors. Flax linen shirt, this time with long sleeves and a peplum waist (that’s where the waist part flares out a bit), and plain black (grey, really) Eddie Bauer jeans, no loops or extra pockets, but comfy and dark. I’ve grown to love EB over the years because they make pants for women with butts. I don’t really wear much in the way of jewelry when working for fear of catching something on anything, but I do always wear a short necklace of some sort. Yesterday was hematite, today is glass.

It’s somewhat hard to pick clothes for work. You want to look put together, but at some point, you wind up lifting things, or crawling around, or covered in construction dust, or building shelving, so whatever you pick has to be able to deal with that sort of wear, be adaptable, and definitely be washable.

teal t shirt beneath, and a better look at the necklace.

I don’t wear the same things I did when working in the Financial District. No more stockings and heels with fancy jackets and dresses. But in addition to giving myself something to focus on with writing, I wanted to try this challenge because I don’t work in that world anymore. I wanted to see how it played out in a situation that involved a bit more manual labor than you see with other versions of this. (or maybe they get just as dirty and i need to learn how to cope better…)

I will say that modern clothing needs more pockets. And not passing nods to slots in your pants, I mean POCKETS. Places to carry things. For some reason, it’s not fashionable to use your pockets. They mess with the shape of your clothes. I’m of the opinion that if you can’t use the pocket, if it’s not deep enough, or it does happen to disturb the line of the clothes, then it’s just lousy design. I’m grumpy, and demand practicality. More pockets, please.