Day Two: Work

So. Second day in, and I have to go to work:

Eddie Bauer cargo pants and Flax linen shirt. There's a black t shirt under there so I can strip down while lifting things.

My favorite work pants with pockets upon pockets with an extra side of pockets for keys, knives, phone, wallet, hard candies, and to stash tape balls. The button down collared shirt helps people realize I’m a professional, but opens up like a jacket once the heavy lifting starts, hence the ever present t-shirt beneath. And last but not least, my Dansko shoes. They take some getting used to. If I’m at a client site all day, my feet hurt by the end. Period. But if I wear my Danskos, only my feet hurt, and not really that much. My legs, back and shoulders are spared. Take a look around, you’ll see them on the feet of chefs, waiters, medical personnel, anybody that is on their feet for long periods of time.

One site for guidelines on the 30/30 challenge can be found here: Kendi Everyday. I’ve seen a few variations, but I’m rolling with this one.  (despite it saying that shoes count) Speaking of which, yes, the third rule in that link does indeed say no clothing shopping for the duration of the challenge. I do not wear any of my running clothes as part of my everyday wardrobe, so they don’t count towards my total items for the month. This is a good thing, I sweat like a beast in my running gear.

Tomorrow is another work day with the same client, so I already know my outfit will be a variation on this theme. See you then!